Gnam Box Interview: 3 Foodie Questions to: Parker Gregory

Food reveals a lot about people. We are always curious about food habits, favourite foods and places. We decided to start this column to feed our curiosity! It’s the turn of PARKER GREGORY.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, Parker Gregory is a model currently represented by Click Models.

He currently lives and works in New York city. He’s the perfect image of the healthy and athletic model (he practices a lots of sports) so we decided to ask him about his food habits.

What’s your favourite dish?
Favorite dish? That’s tough. At breakfast: eggs over medium (gooey yoke) and burnt bacon or burnt turkey bacon with banana chocolate chip pancakes with peanut butter on top, drizzled in maple or honey, topped with a little whipped cream, and a nice hot cup of joe and an ice cold cup of chocolate milk. Lunch varies. Dinner: now this is TOUGH! A good clean cut piece of cow, cooked Pittsburg style served extra crispy outside and medium rare inside. Sides: baked rutabaga, creamed spinach with a delicious salad.

Are you a great cook?
I’m not a chef. But I’ve made some pretty good meals for myself and my friends.

Where will you bring us for dinner?
If it’s in New York? If you want BBQ, Fette Sau in Brooklyn. Slow smoked ordered by the pound with great sides and a a great drink menu. I would also take you to Caravan of Dreams it’s a fantastic vegan restaurant in the East Village.
For breakfast I love going to Grey Dog.

Pictures by Giampaolo Sgura taken from HERCULES #10 



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